50 ans Rempart 1966 - 2016

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A network of associations

A network of associations

Union REMPART groups together more than 170 local heritage preservation associations to coordinate and promote the voluntary workcamps that they set up. One of its many tasks is to keep a close check on the quality of the projects and actions carried out under its supervision, which means monitoring the quality of the restoration activities and how volunteers are welcomed. For the last 15 years Union REMPART's policy has been to promote and develop international partnerships in answer to our partners' requests, but also to further the aims which REMPART holds dear.


The experience of a network of associations committed to heritage without borders

Union REMPART member associations work on a wide variety of cultural heritage sites : chapels, priories, castles, villages, mills... listed buildings or less obvious items of heritage...Each site entrusted to a REMPART member association is part of a local development program and therefore not only is it preserved or restored, but it is also given a new purpose and actually reused.


REMPART's action not only aims at preserving the actual heritage site but also to promote and preserve traditional building and restoration techniques. This experience with heritage preservation is unique and has been used to guide initiatives undertaken over the last decades in Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Palestine, with REMPART's active support.


A Network of Associations serving the citizens of the world

ln our view, it would not make sense to preserve heritage without involving the public in a community-based project. Because they are locally established, Union REMPART member associations are all part of a cooperative action and can be considered as the outcome of the lite of the local community in which they are located. Over 50 years over 20.000 international volunteers from all over Europe and beyond (Morocco, Algeria, China) have worked with REMPART's local members. Every year more than 3.000 volunteers from France and abroad take part in a voluntary community action for the common good, learning together how to be active citizens of the world.


- Union REMPART is state-approved and certified to the following French standards :

"jeunesse et éducation populaire" (youth and popular education), "éducation nationale" (certification given by the French national Education Ministry), "environnement et cadre de vie" (environment protection and living environment).

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