50 ans Rempart 1966 - 2016

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A network of associations

A network of associations

Created in 1966, REMPART is a union 170 non-profit-making French organisations promoting heritage preservation. REMPART is set up to give member associations the opportunity to discuss issues and exchange experiences.
Associations wich join Union REMPART undertake to participate in a broader movement and to accept a common standard. They adhere to quality and training policies definded by Union REMPART, which represents and promotes them at regional, national and international levels.

Union REMPART has forged close links with French public authorities. It is recognised as a public utility organisation by the Ministries of Culture, Youth, Education, Environment, Social Affairs, and Foreign Affairs as well as with local and regional authorities.

REMPART, association reconnue d'utilité publique. 1, rue des Guillemites - 75004 Paris France

  • Ministère de la culture et de la communication
  • Ministère des affaires étrangères
  • Ministère de la ville, de la jeunesse et des sports
  • Union Européenne
  • Fondation Patrimoine