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Taking part in a workcamp with REMPART

Taking part in a workcamp with REMPART

Union REMPART is divided into member associations, which organise more than 200 volunteer work initiatives, known as chantiers. Every year chantiers all over France draw more than 3 000 volunteers, around 25% of whom come from abroad. All chantiers benefit from the REMPART quality standard. This is the information on how a chantier is organised. Please read the following information carefully before you choose a chantier and sign on. If you live out of France you can only apply for a chantier in France.



Volunteers can come from all over France and the whole world. French is the language spoken on the chantier so it is better to have a basic knowledge of french before you arrive. There is no upper age limit for chantiers open to 18-years-old and over. 17-years-old may participate in a workcamp for adults (inquiries should be adressed to the association in charge).


Chantiers usually last for two or three weeks. Volunteers are asked to sign on for the whole period.
Information on activities is indicative only. Changes may occur in dates or because of weather conditions. Archaeology digs are organised subject to authorisation. Please note that it is not necessary to have a prior experience to participate in restoration activities. V
olunteers usually work 35 hours a week on restoration activities and one or two days are fully devoted to cultural and leisure activities.
Visiting sites, hiking, swimming, sports and cultural activities : leisure is often organised on the group's initiative. The association will propose activities according to its possibilities and the opportunities offered by the region. You may have to pay for some activities.


Chantier team leaders respect strict security rules : instructions on how to use tools and equipment will be given at the beginning of your stay. You will also be given security equipement if necessary. Please make sure that you have an anti-tetanus injection
All the chantiers are run in accordance with the regulations in force with REMPART, the Ministry of Youth and Sport and those concerning historic buildings and archaeology.

Bed and board

Accommodation takes various forms depending on the individual campsite, ranging from a tent to indoor accomodation. The type of accommodation is always indicated :

  • en dur, eau chaude, douche, WC = indoor, warm water, shower, WC.
  • en dur, eau chaude, WC = indoor accommodation, warm water, WC.
  • en dur, eau froide, WC = indoor accomodation, cold water, WC.
  • sous tente, eau chaude, douche, WC = outdoor (tent) accommodation, warm water, shower, WC.
  • sous tente, eau chaude, WC = outdoor (tent) accommodation, warm water, WC.
  • sous tente, eau froide, WC = outdoor (tent) accommodation, cold water, WC.

Volunteers organise their own meals, shopping, cooking and washing up. All the volunteers have to participate in turn.


Take a sleeping bag and a backpack. To do the restoration work safely, take gardening gloves, strong, comfortable shoes and clothes that you won't mind getting dirty. Walking shoes are advised for trekking. Don't forget your swim suit. As far as group activities are concerned, you can bring cooking recipes from your country, a musical instrument, songs, etc...Take some pocket money.


You will receive with the confirmation of your registration a road sheet with the practical information you will need to reach your chantier. You are completely responsible for your travel arrangements and expenses.

Insurance and social security

An accident insurance is included in the registration fees. You will be covered for all activities organised during the chantier. Travel between home and site is not covered.

For EU citizens : do not forget to bring a European Health Insurance Card. For non EU citizens : you can take out an optional sickness insurance.

How to apply

Pull out an fill in the application form. Please choose one chantier. Volunteers living out of France can take part in chantiers in France only. Do not forget to have the site leader's approval before applying (their particulars are indicated in the entry under the relevant chantier). Send us back your application form with a passport type photo and the payment for the registration fees.

Bed and board fees will be paid directly to the leader on site.

Find your workcamp

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