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Dates from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020Age > 17 years oldType of project Volunteer site / technical internship

The stone carving workshop at the Marpen training center is open to anyone interested in stone and the craft of stonemasonry.

A space for learning and experimentation, it welcomes you throughout the school year according to your personal, professional project or as part of an internship validation. You will discover the gestures of the profession. The sessions last 5 days, Monday to Friday. Choice of dates in agreement with the manager.


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 150€ / session (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

+ infos on the fees

Contact prior candidature

Last name : Club Marpen

Phone number : 05 45 31 71 55 (lundi au vendredi, 9h-12h, 13h30-17h)

Email :

Location : New Aquitaine / France