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Dates from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020Age > 15 years oldType of project Chantier de week-end

The castle welcomes all year volunteers to advance the many projects of the association: archival research, studies of the objects uncovered during the excavation (ceramics, iron objects, glass, copper alloys), masonry, stone cutting, heritage workshops for children, adult reception, etc.

To appreciate the projects, a certain regularity is expected of the volunteers.

The Château de Brie-Comte-Robert, built in the second half of the 12th century and classified as a Historic Monument, had gradually lost its importance through damage suffered over the centuries. The association, created in 1982, undertook to carry out an exhaustive archaeological excavation now completed, to lead the progressive restoration of the site and to enhance it by numerous heritage actions.

A Heritage Interpretation Center, designed and managed by the association, allows everyone to be welcomed in very good conditions to discover medieval techniques and participate in the associative project.


Cotisation : 10€ / an (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

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Contact prior candidature

Last name : Martine Piechaczyk

Phone number : 06 62 74 87 57

Email :

Website :

Location : Ile-de-France / France