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Dates from 19/10/2020 to 01/11/2020Age > 17 years oldType of project Volunteer site / technical internship

The Church of Saint-Saturnin, undergoing metamorphosis, continues its restoration this year at the level of the nave.

You will be introduced to traditional lime rendering in a church remarkable for its architecture where the persistence of the medieval Gothic tradition meets the modernity of the Renaissance style. Work on scaffolding. Cultural outings and outdoor activities will be offered

Built from 1580, the church is in the form of a large single nave with five spans ending in a rounded apse.

We will tackle the repair of the interior plastering of the nave of the church. Supervised by a mason of old buildings, they will learn the techniques of implementation and restoration of old plasters.

You will be part of a group of ten volunteers from all over the world. Two organizers supervise the construction times and coordinate collective life and stewardship. The accommodation is located in a 17th century castle located not far from the construction site (dormitories). Meals are prepared collectively and in turn.

We will share moments of conviviality and we will make you discover our beautiful region!


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 130€ / session

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Contact prior candidature

Last name : Groupement REMPART Ile-de-France

Phone number : 01 48 78 46 85

Email :

Location : Ile-de-France / France