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Dates from 17/10/2020 to 18/10/2020Age > 18 years oldType of project Volunteer site / technical internship

The two days of training should allow participants to learn about plaster restoration techniques and to implement the preparatory study carried out by the volunteers of the association.

The plaster material: history, uses, manufacture: theory and practice

Plaster application: theory and practice

The training will take place on the site of the Ithe farm, located in Jouars-Ponchartrain and managed by the ApsaDiodorium association.

In a valley more marked than today stretched, between the 1st and the 4th century AD, a Gallo-Roman town, the ancient Diodurum.
Preventive excavations during the construction of the RN 12 carried out from 1994 to 1998 brought to light the remains of the Gallo-Roman agglomeration which extends over nearly 40 hectares. Numerous objects from daily life and from commercial and craft activities from 2000 years ago were found during excavations.
Today, if part of the site is sealed under the road works, a rich potential still remains accessible under the grounds of the Ferme d'Ithe and the plain of Jouars. Indeed, the ruins of this farm, originally Cistercian, take place on the Gallo-Roman remains. The vast buildings rise at the crossroads of two ancient roads. They have been abandoned since the sixties

October 17


Introduction to plaster: issues and problems of a material

Presentation of the preparatory study for the restoration of the 18th century chapel -> Train in the challenges of restoration issues on an archaeological site and better understand the complementarity of these practices

afternoon :

Plaster: from its manufacturing processes to different uses: experimenting, practicing and analyzing a material to better understand the know-how

October 18

Different workshops to participate in the restoration of the Chapel: from experimental archeology to current uses, which procedures for which restoration? - know-how to keep


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 50€ / session

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Contact prior candidature

Last name : Aurore UDO

Phone number : 01 48 78 46 85

Email :

Location : Ile-de-France / France