Stone cutting and masonry in Calmont d'Olt avril

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Dates from 15/04/2023 to 29/04/2023Age > 18 years oldType of project Chantier de bénévoles
Langue(s) parlée(s) Français, Anglais

Take part in the restoration of the Calmont d'Olt castle, a fortified listed historic monument which overlooks Espalion and the Lot valley.

You will approach the techniques of stone cutting and traditional masonry necessary for the great project of restoration of the fortified enclosure of the 15th century (size of loopholes, masonry of rubble stones, vaults). During rest periods, you will discover the local heritage, Aubrac, site activities, swimming ...

In 2020, we continue the great project of restoration of the enclosure built during the Hundred Years War, consisting of 8 towers and 32 loopholes. The 2019 campaign saw the completion of the restoration of the north tower and a major step forward on the northeast tower with the return of the archeries and the vaults. This year we will continue an important work of traditional masonry to stabilize the curtain wall is about twenty meters.
This project will allow you to initiate yourself in the technique of fine cutting of the blocks necessary for the restoration of loopholes, while familiarizing yourself with the concepts of layout and layout. Masonry techniques will also be covered: masonry of rubble stone and cut stone, principle of vaulting, use of hangers, role and use of lime.


Full site days (6 to 8 hours depending on the weather). Two days of rest per week.
Sharing of household chores. Preparation of menus and meals by volunteers.
Reception of the group in the lodging of the association: mixed dormitory of 16 places (bunk beds), 2 showers, 2 WC, 2 washbasins.
Large common room with sitting area and equipped kitchen. Outdoor lounge.


During the rest days, we will offer you a discovery of the local built heritage (medieval villages, Roman churches, fortified farms), a walk on the Aubrac, swimming in the Lot, and an initiation to archery.


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 180€ / session (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

Cotisation : 15€ / an (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

Accommodation costs include accommodation and meals, technical support on site, site equipment, station/association journeys as well as tours in a 9-seater minibus on rest days.

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Contact prior candidature

Last name : Audrey Lecourt

Phone number : 07 82 65 96 64

Email :

Website :

Location : 12500 / Espalion / Occitanie / France