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Dates from 17/03/2023 to 26/03/2023Age > 18 years oldType of project Chantier de bénévoles
Langue(s) parlée(s) Français, Anglais, Espagnol

REMPART and AMVIAC offer you a restoration project under the Mexican sun! Take part in the safeguarding of an old aqueduct located in the city of El Hospital and discover an unknown heritage, as well as traditional Mexican techniques.

On the program: international construction site, masonry and Mexican atmosphere guaranteed!

The aqueduct of the old hacienda de la Concepción was one of the many aqueducts that supplied haciendas and sweets in the state of Morelos in the late 19th century, when cane sugar production peaked. This aqueduct, like many others, started in a place close to a source and conveyed water to the hacienda in order to operate a sugar refinery with which a complex system of sugar cane milling was put in place. place to start the sugar production process, which is maintained until today. Unfortunately, the aqueduct has been abandoned and is now deteriorating and destroying. It is approximately 2 km long.

The volunteers will carry out the manual cleaning of the aqueduct and will participate in its consolidation by filling the joints of the walls in poor condition. They will make a mortar characteristic of Mexico based on lime, sand, and nopale juice (local cactus) to fill the joints. They will also have the possibility of working the stone in certain places of the aqueduct under the direction of a professional stonemason. They will also carry out awareness-raising activities for the local population on the importance of protecting the built cultural heritage.

There are many possibilities to discover the Cuautla region and its surroundings. The volunteers will visit the sugar cane fields and the various ancient haciendas and aqueducts in the region, taste typical dishes and take advantage of the local natural waters, because Cuautla and its surroundings are a region where water is plentiful. You can also visit the magical villages of Tlayacapan and Tepoztlan and take a stroll through the "Zapata tunnels" in what was once a railway.


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 3500MXN $ / session (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

The accommodation costs are 3,500 Mexican pesos (approximately €180).

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Contact prior candidature

Last name : REMPART

Phone number : 0144541389

Email :

Website :

Location : Cuautla / État de Morelos / Mexico