Maria, a journey of arts with REMPART

I am Maria, 21 years old. I study fine arts, photography, painting, and cinema at the School of Fine Arts in Moscow.

In spring 2018, a classmate of mine, Daniil, informed me about the existence of REMPART and its project. In summer (we were in August), we accompanied him to volunteer in France, in Rodez. We spent several weeks with a team of international volunteers at the Château de Calmont d’Olt. This summer 2019, in July, we decided to sign up again and we went for a whole month in France, with a program at the Esseillon Forts, in the Alps. On-site, we were joined by our friends from the university. This is my second volunteer trip to France. I really want to go for a third-round next year too!

On every project, I made many friends, I studied the traditions and customs and I learnt the art of architecture. The opportunity to participate in a cultural heritage restoration project is an immense joy. Yet, everyone we worked with is very friendly and kind. I improved my foreign language through communication. We stayed in touch and visited each other after the project, during the following weeks of the summer to continue the experience…

I am very happy that such an event happened to me. Now, I tell everyone the good time spent on the project and I advise everyone to!