Culture, histoire et archéologie de la châtellenie de Miremont

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Culture, histoire et archéologie de la châtellenie de Miremont

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Culture, histoire et archéologie de la châtellenie de Miremont
La Ginou
24260 Miremont

The association was created in 2005 in order to discover the heritage of Mauzens-et-Miremont whether it is rural heritage (Calvaries, built) or monuments such as the castle or the church. Our desire is to involve the local population in the safeguarding of this heritage through discovery and enhancement activities (in particular the Château de Miremont). This translates into member days during which the members of the association volunteer to clear, clear and restore the masonry. We also meet for times of conviviality (annual barbecue, general assemblies, days of discovery of plants or local mills, etc.)

The CHAM is also involved in heritage days and then opens the castle to visitors with entertainment provided by troops from the region (renaissance songs, archery, sword fighting, etc.)

Since 2010, it has organized volunteer work sites which have saved one of the gates of the village of Miremont and the gateway to the castle courtyard. The will of the association is to continue this effort both during the member days and with the voluntary work sites in order to revive the castle of Miremont.

After having made its weapons with the previous building sites, the association wishes to invest on important elements of the castle today in danger: It is the southern bastion and the keep 21 meters high which are absolutely necessary for understanding overall site. Built in a large limestone device, they are visible from the main roads below the rocky outcrop and still participate today in proclaiming the grandeur of what may have been the Châtellenie de Miremont.
Future projects are therefore part of a desire to save this building but also to secure the site, which has made it possible to open up to the public and organize cultural events related to heritage.

By participating in European Heritage Days, Country Heritage Days, organizing discovery hikes of local heritage each year, our association opens the doors and the minds and imagination to the treasures of the Châtellenie of Miremont: Fauna, flora, landscapes, crafts, buildings, etc.

Heritage sites managed by the association