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Created in September 2009, DECLAM 'is a young association under the law of 1901. It is open to everyone, and is part of a permanent Popular Education approach, for and with local initiatives and dynamics. DECLAM 'invites all citizens to be actors in their territory.

Our goals are:
- Rehabilitate and animate the local heritage through the participation and awareness of various audiences.
- Initiate, develop and experiment with educational, social, cultural and popular actions. interactions between actors and inhabitants of the territories.
- Foster and participate in the emergence and development of local initiatives.
- Allow and share a permanent, critical and evolving reflection of Popular Education actions

Our activity is organized around three axes, which are:
- Workshops for young volunteers: the objective being to make young people aware of the collective restoration of rural heritage by developing their sense of initiative around an eco-citizen approach
- Popular cultural events: by associating with local initiatives and dynamics around projects such as meals, brass bands, hikes, heritage discovery, games ...
- Training, support, advice and exchanges ...

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For the DECLAM 'association, heritage restoration projects contribute to the planning and local development of the territory. They are part of an approach to raising awareness and training young people and residents about heritage in a process of education for citizenship through participation in collective action. Thus, in addition to the added value to the territory that heritage rehabilitation brings, it also serves as a support for the creation of social ties by allowing multiple exchanges.

The objectives of the DECLAM 'projects can be summarized by:
- Sensitize young people to collective restoration of rural heritage
- Awaken an active curiosity among young people and allow the discovery of a rural territory by participating in the dynamics that drive it
- Develop a sense of initiative, by participating in a common project around an eco-citizen approach

DECLAM 'combines all its site projects with local dynamics. Thus, in parallel with the construction sites, young people can be volunteers at a street theater festival or even be associated with the village festival. The discovery of local traditions and intercultural exchanges between residents and volunteers are educational elements transversal to all activities: from the garden to baking bread, from a walk in the woods to laundry in the river, from meals with the residents to the discovery of outdoor sports ...

The DECLAM 'association wishes to work with audiences who are in the image of the society in which they live. This is why the groups of volunteers are formed around an approach of diversity and diversity: the objective being to allow a real exchange between young local people, from all over France, from abroad, girls and boys of course, or even from socio-educational homes.

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