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Groupement REMPART Ile-de-France (GRIF)

Tel : 01 48 78 46 85

Fax : 01 48 74 14 01

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Groupement REMPART Ile-de-France (GRIF)
11 rue de Clichy
75009 Paris

The first regional grouping of the REMPART movement to emerge following the desire for decentralization of the National Union in the 1980s, the REMPART Ile-de-France Group is working to safeguard and enhance the Ile-de-France heritage. Today, it brings together 20 heritage preservation associations and aims to support them in all of their activities while always developing its network of partners and member associations. The association is approved Youth and Popular Education.

In addition to supporting member associations with regard to the restoration of their site, the REMPART Ile-de-France group directly ensures the construction of work sites for the sake of restoration and enhancement of the Ile-de-France heritage. It thus intends to help the emergence of new structures for the safeguarding and enhancement of heritage and to transmit its know-how to the new member associations.

The REMPART Ile-de-France group is also working to publicize and recognize the activities of its members at the regional level through the establishment and revitalization of a network of external partners.

The REMPART Ile-de-France group in its mission of assisting the volunteers of its member associations, as well as future leaders of the REMPART network, is organizing a series of training courses that meet their needs at the time. Combining theory and practice, these internships concern both site organization and restoration techniques (Historic Monument Course, Building Pathology, Building Survey) as well as the general reflection on safeguarding heritage (Project methodology course).

In addition to these training courses, the REMPART Ile-de-France Group provides individual assistance to associations for the implementation and proper management of their associative project.

If the REMPART Ile-de-France Group does not currently offer integration activities, it intends to promote and support this activity among its members and could, in a regional objective, develop it directly.

Heritage projects managed by the association