Histoire et Patrimoine de Vignory

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Histoire et Patrimoine de Vignory

Email : julienmarasi@orange.fr

Heritage site : www.patrimoine-vignory.fr/accueil%20H&P.html

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Histoire et Patrimoine de Vignory
63 rue du Général Leclerc
52320 Vignory

The History and Heritage association was created in 1992. Its primary purpose was the safeguarding and enhancement of the medieval castle of Vignory classified as a Historic Monument of which important vestiges remain (12th century keep, 15th artillery towers and sixteenth centuries ...).
Since these beginnings, the objectives have grown and the association now takes into account all of the architectural riches that Vignory harbors. Since 1998, two houses have been acquired to be presented to the public; one is intended to become the headquarters of the association and part is already transformed into an eco-museum where you can discover models reconstructing the castle, siege machines and objects from the works (pottery, balls , arrowheads ...); the second, a hosier's house, was frozen in its 19th century condition in order to immerse the visitor in a time when electricity and running water were not yet current.
History and Heritage again expanded its skills in 2000 with the creation of a medieval-inspired garden at the foot of the castle.
Every summer since 2003, the association oversees construction sites for young volunteers on 140 meters of ramparts. Since 2009, Histoire et Patrimoine has participated in monitoring the restoration of the keep led by the community of municipalities in the Bologna basin Vignory Froncles through a reintegration project and that of the Tour au Puits through a classic project.
In addition to the regular visits of these various components, the members of the association organize every two years a medieval festival in order to animate the castle.

Heritage sites managed by the association