Amis de l'Ile du Large St Marcouf

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Amis de l'Ile du Large St Marcouf

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Amis de l'Ile du Large St Marcouf
BP 201
50500 Carentan-les-Marais

The Association of the Friends of the Ile du Large Saint-Marcouf aims to restore the constructions and reopen the Île du Large to the public, currently prohibited from access and property of the State. This island, housed in the heart of the English Channel is in the Cotentin was fortified by Napoleon 1st then reinforced by Napoleon III. It houses an exceptional set of fortifications around a casemated tower unique in France. The island is surrounded by a moat dug out of the rock and by masonry dikes. These are the main embankments of the works. More maintained for over 50 years, they have been severely damaged by weather and storms. But the regular action of the association for 10 years has made it possible to save them, and to envisage the reconstruction of missing parts such as the large dam of the fort or other constructions.

Each year since 2009, the association intervenes during the period which is authorized, from August to October, the months of April to July being currently reserved for the nesting of colonies of gulls and cormorants. Restoration and consolidation works on the dykes and some constructions are carried out by volunteers and private companies. An overall planning was established by an architect in connection with the State services, prioritizing the interventions to be carried out. The association relies on experts from different trades to define the work that can be carried out, then negotiates the authorization to carry it out, and finally organizes its implementation according to the required technicality.

The work carried out on the island by volunteers mainly uses lime technology, an almost exclusive technique for the construction of dikes and buildings on the island. During construction sites, a works manager is responsible for transmitting the techniques necessary for the various operations involved, preparation and dosing, preparation of supports, choice of stones, possible size, application of lime, smoothing of joints ... Other types of operations are also carried out, as required, with the removal of stones from demolished buildings, the cleaning of vegetated areas or various annexed works.

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