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La Cabiote – Cormot Patrimoine et Culture

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La Cabiote – Cormot Patrimoine et Culture
La Cabiote ? Cormot Patrimoine et Culture
1, ruelle du Potot
21340 Cormot le Grand

The story of La Cabiote is first and foremost that of a "meeting" between a former Belgian journalist and the bas-relief inserted in the facade of the second residence he has just acquired in Cormot-le-Grand. His research of information on what was to turn out to be a Gallo-Roman funerary stele led him to take an interest in the "small heritage" of the village, witness to its intimate history. Hence the idea of founding an association to preserve and enhance it. Concerts are organized in the small chapel, exhibitions, guided tours of the village, animation around the memory of the fanfare, publication of a directory which is intended as a way of keeping articles, photos, documents, so that they can serve as basis for further research. It is that, unlike castles or cathedrals, there is little or no writings, archives, concerning this "small heritage" which, undoubtedly popular, hardly interests researchers; as if it was not an integral part of our history. The first result of these activities? and not the least? was that the oldest inhabitants of the village rediscovered a heritage and memories that they had perhaps forgotten or neglected and at the most new, to discover that this place is not only a peaceful place without history within deep Burgundy. Move around! Nothing to see ! Of course it is, but you have to look, look a little, and especially be interested in what is not naturally obvious. For locals as well as for people passing through, the association would thus like to aid discovery which of course appears to be a socio-cultural approach and goes beyond the simple playful animation of the place.

First site? thanks to a collaboration with the association Rempart? the renovation of the interior of the chapel. This one, moved stone by stone a few tens of meters for the needs of the construction of a road in 1937 suffered from slight settling of the ground and from humidity due in particular to the material used for the covering of the walls. It had been a long time since the chapel was used only very occasionally for a baptism. In recent years, she has, in a way, found a spiritual "life" with services? Byzantines, celebrated by the founder of the association who is (also) an Orthodox priest. Although very small, it has served as a venue for concerts called "The intimate moments of Cormot" and is proving to be a perfect place for certain exhibitions. The interest of a renovation is therefore as much religious as it is heritage and cultural. And for some inhabitants of the village, seeing the chapel come back to life is also an important "sociological" element.