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Association du Vieux Châtel

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Association du Vieux Châtel
8 Rue des capucins
88330 Chatel sur Moselle

The fortress of Châtel is one of the most important witnesses of medieval military architecture in Lorraine.

Built at the end of the 11th century by the Counts of Vaudémont, the youngest branch of the Dukes of Lorraine, around a large square keep, the first castle was enlarged in the 13th century by the addition of a porch tower and flanking towers on along the Moselle as well as the construction of a stately home. Passed by marriage into the hands of the powerful Neufchâtel-Bourgogne family in 1373, the castle was considerably enlarged over the period 1430-1450 by Thiébaut VIII, then by his son Thiébaut IX. With considerable financial resources as well as a great skill in armaments, they will build the entrance chatelet, the double enclosure to the north as well as a shield wall to the south along the Moselle in order to adapt the site. infantry artillery. It was not until the century of Louis XIV that the fortress, then outdated, was taken by the troops of Marshal Créqui and then dismantled in 1671.

Fallen into oblivion, the ruins which extend over more than 5 hectares are today the subject of a major work campaign at the initiative of the Association du Vieux Châtel which has been working on the site since 1972. Thus visible are the underground developments of the 13th and 15th centuries, the double enclosure to the north with its 57-meter wide ditch facing the plateau, the remains of the 11th century square keep, the artillery shirt facing the Moselle, the system unloading carts with its lifting hoist. The Agglomeration Community of Epinal, which is now the owner of the premises, has a large-scale development project around the theme of the Middle Ages.

To find out more, a report from Vosges television dated April 30, 2016:

A small team of permanent staff provides routine maintenance of the remains throughout the year, while during the summer three international volunteer sites are organized under the aegis of REMPART to carry out the necessary protection and enhancement works. The program is approved by the Departmental Service of Archeology and Heritage while the execution of the works is supervised by REMPART Animators and technically directed by a professional stonemason

Two guides are assigned full-time to the organization of site visits, both for school audiences and for occasional visitors and organized groups.

The Association has built premises allowing the organization of heritage training courses and workshops for school audiences according to themes chosen by teachers around major themes such as daily life, trades, water, fortification, artistic creation. The workshops are led by professionals from each discipline, which allows children to discover activities such as ceramics, calligraphy, illumination, heraldry and glass working. For an adult audience, courses in stone cutting and sculpture, earthen construction, stained glass making, landscaping are organized, among others.

Finally, longer stays are also possible for groups of children on a discovery course as well as for groups of adults who would like to stay a few days in the region.

Although the association has worked a lot in the past for the reintegration of people in difficulty, it is not currently listed as an integration association.

Heritage project managed by the association

Heritage site managed by the association