Les Amis des Vieilles Pierres de Rodemack

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Les Amis des Vieilles Pierres de Rodemack

Tel : 06 23 35 12 84

Tel : 03 82 51 25 01

Fax : 03 82 51 26 80

Email : contact@avp-rodemack.fr

Heritage site : www.avp-rodemack.fr

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Mailing address :

Les Amis des Vieilles Pierres de Rodemack
Président de l'AVP Rodemack
90 rue du général Simmer
57570 Rodemack

Presentation Founded in 1978, the Association of Friends of Old Stones has set itself the objectives of rehabilitating and promoting local heritage with a view to revitalizing the Rodemack site and opening it up to tourism. Dating from the 14th century, the Rodemack fortress and the fortifications that surround the old town constitute the most homogeneous example of medieval architecture in Lorraine. The rehabilitation became urgent, this is how the Association of Friends of the Old Stones was born.

They have been happening tirelessly since 1978 and have enabled the restoration of more than 600 meters of fortifications that surround the old town, as well as the nine remaining flanking towers. A Medieval Garden was created at the foot of these fortifications. The Reception House was completed at the end of the 1980s. A whole series of various projects was carried out intramural. From now on, the works are established on the site of the "Leaf Garden", futuristic garden which will bring to the site an additional tourist attraction.

The association welcomes students from Professional High Schools in educational sequences over several weeks (sewing courses and historical costumes, heritage courses for building trades.). The building topography and archeology internships are mainly intended for students. NB The initiation to stone cutting and ironwork takes place during the various internships or work sites.

The Association organizes work sites for young people in difficulty. The aim of these projects is to train young people in the various techniques of heritage rehabilitation (paving, roofing, etc.). This work complements the activities of the volunteers hosted on the traditional REMPART construction sites in the summer months.

Heritage sites managed by the association