Les chantiers Tramasset

Les chantiers Tramasset

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Les chantiers Tramasset
20 esplanade Josselin
33550 Le Tourne

The association was formed in 1997 following educational work carried out since 1992 by an alternative school on the former Tramasset shipyards (1820). It was the meeting between this team, residents passionate about heritage and this magical site that aroused an associative desire. The object starts from an ideal: to revive the life of this site but in a new context where the boat would be an end but also the means of forging links between the inhabitants, transmitting a local culture and integrating people in difficulty. The river, the boat or the monuments (classified since 2008) are as much material objects as sensitive and symbolic objects. Tramasset is also a great space for collective action with many activities today divided into four sectors: professional marine framework, training in the wood trades, social living space and heritage tourist place.

After many years of fighting for its conservation, we are now in an opening phase. The idea is to rediscover the flame of the school of wild paths and build a real house of the cultures of the river. Its members and its salaried team are ready to take up the challenge as they approach a third decade of existence.

As soon as the young people from the wild trails school arrived, the first heritage renovation projects were launched. In particular on the briquette oven which was used to bend the woods in the heyday of the company. Today, we have to finalize the work.

The site was part of a large port area that ran along the Garonne for 8 km. Today we are trying to make the link between these different elements of the same story, while continuing to produce traditional boats like the Courau de Garonne.

The river is always present by our side. It has generated a culture of locality that we are trying to transmit. The maintenance of the old fishing huts (squares) is part of this mission.

The port would be nothing without its hinterland made of vines and fields in beautiful valleys with their vernacular heritages. We thus nicknamed the entre-deux-mers the "Tuscany of Gironde".

Training association for the wood trades: heir to a carpentry company, we transmit this know-how and this working culture through qualifying training for all audiences. In these spaces, cooperation and solidarity are also part of the educational program.

Association of popular education, we are attached to the values of the permanent education in particular for the training of the marine carpentry. This is done in a voluntary group via the weekend refit, navigation training in the Garonne and of course, boat trips in the summer.

We are also developing activities to raise awareness of respect for the fluvial environment through participatory work sites and activities for the youngest that we are developing as part of day-long school trips and extra-school activity times. .

The association was an integration enterprise through economic activity for a few years. Today this activity is more diffuse and is embodied in the four fields of activity.

The training welcomes people benefiting from the RSA for several months or experiencing great difficulties in professional integration.

Adapted workcamps are organized in partnership with medico-social structures: young people from the youth center or monitored by prevention structures. A worksite in Tramasset always offers a break from an everyday life that encloses and allows us to confront another cultural universe.

The activities around the wood lend themselves well to welcoming groups of people prevented from being in CATTP, ITEP, or in a personal approach.

Finally, volunteering in civic service makes it possible to offer local young people a first step towards civic or professional engagement.

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