Lez'Arts dans les murs

Lez'Arts dans les murs

Tel : 06 10 13 67 26

Email : lezartsdslesmurs@yahoo.fr

Heritage site : www.lezartsdanslesmurs.org

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Lez'Arts dans les murs
40 rue Franklin
93100 Montreuil

Lez'Arts dans les murs brings to life a historic natural space in Montreuil. A shared garden in the classified site of Murs à Peches.

The association was created in 2003 following a call for projects launched by the local environmental council. Since April 2004 we cultivate our plots thanks to a breeding ground of ingenuity and generosity, a large number of active members and many members.

Our philosophy is to highlight the cultural diversity of neighboring districts and to allow residents to appropriate the listed site of Murs à Peches, its walled gardens and wasteland. We offer friendly activities and educate citizens about the management and collective appropriation of this public heritage.

Lez'Arts dans les murs develops actions of popular education, awareness of the architectural and landscape heritage of the fishing walls for the children and adolescents of the district but also for the school, extracurricular and local socio-cultural environment, in partnership with others local associations.