Senozan Patrimoine

Senozan Patrimoine

Tel : 06 68 37 69 25

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Senozan Patrimoine
Mme Bizet
448 Rue de la Liberté
La Combe
71260 Senozan

This association, born in late 2004, aims to promote an overall cultural action based on knowledge and rehabilitation of the architectural, archaeological, historical and aesthetic heritage of the Burgundy region, in particular the site of Senozan and its church. The church of Senozan (18th century) was the chapel of the castle, destroyed during the Revolution; it has since become the parish church. The church is adorned with murals (18th century, reproduced in the 19th century), oils on canvas (17th and 18th centuries) and woodwork. Its furniture is protected as Historic Monuments.

Since 2006, volunteer sites have enabled the restoration of murals in the choir and the right side chapel.