Amis du Château de Coudray Salbart

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Amis du Château de Coudray Salbart

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Amis du Château de Coudray Salbart
1 place de l'Eglise
79140 Echiré

Founded in 1952 to save the castle, which was then very ruined, the association (then known as "du Vieux Salbart) and its owner, Pierre Du Dresnay, had it classified as a historic monument in 1952 and 1954.

From this date until 2000, as part of REMPART, work sites for young volunteers are organized regularly to clear it of all brush and to restore certain parts: The drawbridge is reconstructed for the first time, the tower of Portal that cracked is repaired, many stairs and doors are redone or repaired. On this occasion, the association receives numerous regional and even national awards as part of "Chefs d? Uvre en Péril". But the work becomes too important.

The sale of the castle in June 2000 to a community (Community of Agglomeration of Niort: CAN) allows to launch since 2005 large-scale operations of crystallization and development by companies specializing in Historic Monuments with funds from the CAN , of the Department and of the State. At the start of each site, excavations help advance knowledge of the history of the site.

The Friends of Coudray-Salbart, in agreement with the CAN, are responsible for the management of the building, its small maintenance and its cultural and tourist promotion by opening it up to guided tours or not, and by organizing various events all throughout the year.