Amis du Musée du Papier

Amis du Musée du Papier

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The Association of Friends of the Paper Museum (AMP) formed in 1966 strives to participate in the safeguarding of the commandery of the Templars of Coulommiers and to promote techniques related to the manufacture of paper through various exhibitions (permanent and temporary) as well as animations through paper workshops (week or weekend) and conferences. This in order to raise public awareness of the concepts of transmission, training and conservation of know-how in relation to the history of paper linked to its geographical location (mention of the factories that participated in the economic development of Coulommiers in 19th century, walking tour of the industrial city center planned for Heritage Days, etc.).

It also aims to promote a global cultural action based on knowledge and rehabilitation of the architectural, archaeological, historical, aesthetic, natural, technical, social heritage of the Coulommiers region (Seine et Marne).

By registering its action in a popular education, pedagogy, training, information, integration, research and animation dynamic, the association endeavors to contribute to the transmission, restoration or maintenance of the heritage, in the widest sense, including both the Commanderie des Templiers de Coulommiers and the traditional techniques used for the construction or restoration of ancient monuments.

The association is a member of Union REMPART, a national heritage association, recognized for public utility, which has in particular the aim of promoting and defending voluntary and civic action on heritage.

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