APSADiodurum : Association pour la promotion du site archéologique de Diodurum

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APSADiodurum : Association pour la promotion du site archéologique de Diodurum

Tel : 0745119798

Email : mediation.apsad@gmail.com

Heritage site : apsadiodurum.fr

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APSADiodurum : Association pour la promotion du site archéologique de Diodurum
1 rue sainte Anne
78760 Jouars-Pontchartrain

It was in 2003, on the initiative of the municipality of Jouars-Pontchartrain, with the assistance of the municipalities of Bazoches-sur-Guyonne and Neauphle-le-Château, that the association was founded. Nine municipalities are part of it today (Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, Jouars-Pontchartrain, Méré, Mesnuls, Montfort-l? Amaury, Neauphle-le-Château, Neauphle le Vieux, Saint-Rémy-l? Honoré, Tremblay-sur -Mauldre,).
Several local archaeological and historical associations or societies are also members: ADRACHME (Association of Archaeological Research of the Historic Canton of Montfort and its Environment), SHARY (Historical and Archaeological Society of Rambouillet and Yveline), ASDM (Association of Safeguarding of Mesnuls), the Safeguarding Committee of Maurepas-village, the Vallée aux Chevaux and Les Amis de Maurepas. The association also brings together a hundred individual members.

The APSADiodurum associates with its project the State (DRAC, Regional Service of Archeology of Ile-de-France), INRAP (National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research), SADY (Departmental Archaeological Service of Yvelines) as well that the School of Architecture of Versailles, the Lycée Viollet-le-Duc de Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, the REMPART Ile-de-France group and Paris I Sorbonne since the site is a school-building site in archeology.
Since 2007, ApsaDiodurum has launched a national subscription for the restoration of the 18th century chapel, through the Heritage Foundation.

His project aims to develop a heritage center for the public. The restoration of part of the buildings would make it possible to create a Center for Conservation and Study (CEE) of the archaeological and monumental heritage of the ancient and medieval site of the Ferme d? Ithe in order to accommodate and bring to life the archaeological collections. Since 2003, ApsaDiodurum has been renting the "Ferme d? Ithe" (plots corresponding to the ruins of the farm and its adjacent land) by emphyteutic lease signed with the owner for thirty years.

The work undertaken seeks to study the architectural remains of the Cistercian farm and to carry out, within the framework of a planned excavation, a recognition of the archaeological potential preserved in the basement.
In addition, a first phase of restoration carried out in collaboration with the REMPART-Ile-de-France group initiated the rescue of the site through the restitution of the 18th century chapel rebuilt at the site of the Cistercian chapel.

Thanks to exhibitions, conferences, open days, European Heritage Days, archeology days; a wider audience can visit the site, follow the evolution of the actions carried out and discover its rich past.
We are working to place this place at the heart of actions carried out around local heritage. It is today well identified and essential, by its geographical location and its history allowing to firmly anchor the past of the surrounding municipalities (most of which are now members of the association).
It is now the support of local and regional actions: - Training of young people in traditional construction techniques and restoration
- Training in the analysis and interpretation of old buildings
- Approach to archeology techniques (from excavation to treatment of furniture) and experimental archeology
- Participation in development activities for the public (preparation for heritage days, exhibitions and conferences)
- Publication in wide circulation (letter from ApsaD, press ...)

Recently, we have also offered young people from interested schools (primary and secondary) an introduction to archeology with a conference on site followed by an activity in the field.

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