Association de mise en valeur du château de Coucy

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Association de mise en valeur du château de Coucy

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Association de mise en valeur du château de Coucy
7 / 9 rue du Pot d'Etain
02380 Coucy le Château Auffrique

The Association for the Development of the Château de Coucy (AMVCC) was created in 1972 with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing the château and the site of Coucy le Château, and in the hope of emerging from oblivion this prestigious site. In 1976, the association intervened on the site and its surroundings, notably rehabilitating the walking paths at the foot of the ramparts. In 1980, the association created its first stone cutting site and worked on the ramparts of the urban wall. From 1987 and with the help of volunteers, the association took care of the animation of the fortress and decided to organize medieval festivals whose rhythm became annual from 1993.
Finally, always to energize this prestigious site and bring together all the talents of the association, the AMVCC has been organizing a large medieval fair since 2007: "Les Seigneuriales de Coucy".

The first worksite for volunteers began in 1976 and consisted mainly of devegetation work. In 1980, the first stone cutting site was born. It is from 1996 that many technical courses are created: sculpture, forge, stone cutting, cooking and art of living in the Middle Ages, mosaic restoration, stone cutting improvement, archaeological survey ...
The AMVCC also offers a training course for REMPART facilitators with a Historic Monument course.
Participating in a worksite in Coucy means participating in the enhancement of a site, addressing current heritage issues, learning traditional techniques from professionals.
Participating in a worksite in Coucy means discovering life in a community, meeting people from different backgrounds, sharing unique moments!

Between 1986 and 1992 the association organized heritage classes intended mainly for primary or middle school students. In partnership with the Collège de Coucy, the heritage classes enabled the creation of a small medieval-style building on the college premises.

For a few years, the association has hosted and conducted school sites which have, in particular, enabled the creation of the animal park and the production of numerous show costumes. Since then, another Coucy association has taken over.

The AMVCC is nevertheless in contact with vocational high schools in the region as well as other organizations such as IMEs and can offer "tailor-made" internships during the school period based on the discovery of a trade or a traditional technique. .

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