Association de Sauvegarde de l'abbaye de Lieu Restauré

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Association de Sauvegarde de l'abbaye de Lieu Restauré

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Association de Sauvegarde de l'abbaye de Lieu Restauré
Résidence St Georges
Esc A
60800 Crepy-en-Valois

The Association for the Safeguarding of the Former Lieu-Restauré Abbey has been working since 1964.

Originally, the aim was to prevent the collapse of the old 15th-16th century church.

The historic monument classification of the church, in 1965, and the updating of the ruins of the old abbey resulted in:
- an action to study the old building through archaeological excavations
- action to develop and enhance the site to welcome visitors
- an action to restore the church and the ruins of the conventual buildings in order to ensure the protection and enhancement of this building
- a cultural action (guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, theater, etc.) in order to make the abbey known and give a function to this old building to interest the various authorities (DRAC, General Council, Regional Council, etc.) to the rehabilitation of this site.

The restoration site operates every weekend.

The association organizes guided tours of the site.

During weekend camps, volunteers participate in the following tasks:

- Consolidation, restoration and protection of the eastern gable of the church: stone cutting, masonry and repointing, installation of scaffolding

- Internal restoration of the south aisle of the church: stone cutting (voussoirs, column bases ...) requiring very good know-how, masonry, repointing, various works

- Restoration of the ruins of the 12th century refectory: surveys, layout, stone cutting and masonry

- Site maintenance: mowing of lawns, cleaning and enhancement of the abbey

- Guided tours of the site and the archaeological deposit

- Cultural activities: organization, preparation and management of exhibitions ...