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Association Historique de Marcoussis

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Association Historique de Marcoussis
5 rue Alfred Dubois
Hôtel de ville
91460 Marcoussis

The historic Marcoussis association created in 1990 has set itself three objectives:
- promotion of local history through exhibitions or publications,
- the conservation of agricultural tools and machines for the creation of an eco-museum,
- restoration and enhancement of the architectural and archaeological heritage (Montagu castle, ceramics,)

Every year, a work camp for young volunteers is organized at the Château de Montagu. The purpose of this work is to maintain and conserve the castle ruins. A monthly site allows to continue the work started.

During these works, you will be able to carry out various works such as the restoration of pottery, the realization of archaeological surveys, masonry work, cleaning work (weeding, debinding, stripping of the ramparts ...) and an initiation to the stone cutting. We do not require prior skills.

The Château de Montagu is located less than 30 km south of Paris. Although largely destroyed, it allows to understand the specificity of a medieval castle. Visits are adapted to the school audience.

The association also supports students or trainees who choose a monument or a great character of Marcoussis as the theme of their memory.

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