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Castelroc en Arifadès

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Castelroc en Arifadès
Lieu dit « La Roque »
Saint Antonin de Lacalm
81120 Terre de Bancalié

Located in the heart of the Haut Dadou valley in the Tarn, the castle of La Roque renamed Castelroc by its owners dominates this small wild valley where the sound of the water allows you to daydream and where the peaceful chirping of birds sounds. The play of light and shade through the stone walls in the middle of this natural vegetation make it an authentic place conducive to wonder.

To date, the written sources do not allow to date with certainty and precision the construction of the castle. However, recent research, field surveys, the first stages of a study of the building and comparisons made with other sites suggest that the tower was erected between the 11th and 12th centuries , while the walls walls were built between the 12th and 13th centuries.

This monument forgotten for 3 centuries and partly masked by vegetation could not be forgotten. For this reason, a handful of determined volunteers had the ambition and the will to revive this precious monument for our history. The castle is reborn from its ashes thanks to the Castelroc en Arifadès association , created in 2016 on the initiative of the owners Béatrice and Laurent, passionate about legends around medieval castles.

The association brings together volunteers from universes as different as they are complementary: Historians, Stonemasons, Architects, Craftsmen, Students, Archaeologists, Engineers, Farmers, Sculptors, Graphic Designers ... All have one thing in common, they are "addicted" of the castle ! They vibrate at the idea of making an extraordinary discovery, they dream of tales and legends, they love nature and outdoor life, they travel through the ages, history and poetry, they work hard, courage, and vigor.

The association, with all of its volunteers, works in collaboration with a professional archeology cabinet and the State services for the preservation of this heritage important for the territory. The latest historical research shows the use of the site by the Cathars at the time of the Crusade against the Albigensians. Research and studies continue at the rate of the many mysteries that remain to be discovered ...

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