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Association murs à Pêches

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Association murs à Pêches
Association Murs à Pêches
77 rue Danton
93100 Montreuil

The fishing walls association was created in 1994 following the downgrading of the fishing walls district of Montreuil in an 80% urbanizable area.
The association aims to save and enhance the area of the remaining fishing walls (38 ha) of an area of horticultural activity that used to be very intense.
It promotes the overall defense of a living environment and wishes the establishment in the neighborhood of new activities compatible with the place and its history. Since 2003, 8.5 hectares of the fishing wall site have been classified as sites and landscapes (classification by the Ministry of the Environment).

The association organizes, in partnership with teachers and animators of leisure centers or district boards, à la carte educational activities on the themes of peach walls, the environment, nature and heritage.
The educational workshops take place in the open air, on the association's plots located in the heart of the Peach Walls district.

In 2006, the association opened its integration project with a masonry pole for the walls and a garden pole for the establishment of a nursery for old varieties of peach trees.

Heritage project managed by the association

Heritage site managed by the association