Association pour la Conservation de l'Eglise et du Patrimoine de Larochemillay (ACEPL)

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Association pour la Conservation de l'Eglise et du Patrimoine de Larochemillay (ACEPL)

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Association pour la Conservation de l'Eglise et du Patrimoine de Larochemillay (ACEPL)
8 rue de Passy
75016 Paris

ACEPL is the Association for the Conservation of the Church and of the Heritage of Larochemillay.

The ACEPL is an association law 1901, created on October 24, 2016. It leads the project of restoration of the murals of the Saint Pierre church by a site of volunteers with the Rempart Federation, and participates more largely in the conservation of the small inheritance of the commune of Larochemillay.

The purpose of ACEPL is: "The protection, safeguard, restoration and enhancement of the built and landscape heritage of Larochemillay and the rehabilitation of the architectural, archaeological, historical and aesthetic heritage of the municipality".

The sites are supervised by a professional restaurateur, Marie Paule Dubois and a group leader.

The group is made up of 6 experienced volunteer interns, housed in the communal gite on the church square of Larochemillay, made available by the municipality.

The members of the association welcome the group on arrival and each takes turns to bring meals and introduce them to local specialties.

The heritage mission led by ACEPL with Rempart is the restoration of the murals of the Larochemillay church .


The vault is painted blue, dotted with golden stars, while the lower part of the choir is decorated with a base in red faux paneling with blue lines, surmounted by a red cross decoration alternating with flowers on a beige background.

In the central nave, the large arches are decorated with various blue and red patterns on a beige background. A plant frieze with a red background marks the junction between the walls and the vault painted in blue, dotted with stars.

The collaterals are punctuated by a false apparatus with red joints, the arcs being marked with red palmettes.

Work problem:

The church has a fairly good overall state of conservation. The roofs were recently renovated and the surroundings of the site cleaned, in particular the apse which was surrounded by trees. Gutters poured into the basement in the northeast corner of the building, precisely at the bottom of the walls where the murals are most damaged. Moreover, the lack of exterior jointing of the lower parts indicates that water infiltration has been recurrent at this location.

Given that the church is entirely painted and that a large part of the decorations are repetitive, a Rempart school-building site has been set up to restore the decorations. However, some very damaged parts must be treated beforehand by a mason (plastering areas filled with salts and blackened, cement in the lower parts of the collaterals, etc.).

For the first Rempart construction site in 2017 , the choir was favored, so as to bring the first emergency gestures to the highly degraded paintings of the west wall (Pèlerins d'Emmaüs). A baluster painted on plaster and posed at the bottom of the west wall, was also deposited, to avoid its collapse.

The second site in August 2018 made it possible to complete the restoration of the choir with the lower part, and to restore the first chapel to the right of the choir.

In August 2019, the program is the restoration of the first chapel to the left of the choir which was very damaged at one time by water infiltration.