Association pour la sauvegarde du château de Montalet

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Association pour la sauvegarde du château de Montalet

Tel : 06 68 95 36 77

Tel : 0668953677

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Association pour la sauvegarde du château de Montalet
1, Calade du Prieur
30410 Meyrannes

In the 1980s, the western facade of the dungeon collapsed, the inhabitants of the village realized that their indifference meant that Montalet castle was ruined. It was in 1984 that the association for the protection of the castle of Montalet deposited its statutes in the sub-prefecture of ALES. Its goal "to restore then to use this warlike building for more peaceful ends" Since this date and 20 159 days of work for the castle, the volunteers of the whole world help to restore this castle of the Middle Ages, classified with the? additional inventory of Historic Monuments in 1997.

Every week on Thursday (between 6 and 8 volunteers), the first Saturday of each month (20 to 30 volunteers) the restoration work is carried out on the recommendation of the ABF of the SDAP du Gard. One week at Easter and two weeks in late July and early August, volunteers registered with the Rempart network.

The Sunday before August 15 we organize our Medieval, the site volunteers participate and animate the games for the children.

In September, colleges and high schools for their integration day participate in the work.

Throughout the year we receive groups in medieval costume for a day in Montalet.

Today, considering the advancement of restoration, we plan to create a public place telling the story of the Cèze valley, at the gateway to the Cévennes.

The sites that we offer to our volunteers allow a complete approach to restoration work. A minimum of four to five workshops is offered, each workshop is led by one or even two members of the association bringing their know-how, their availability and their skills. There is a supervisor for two or three volunteers maximum.

With primary schools, action focuses on life in the Middle Ages.

Middle school students take part in the work asking for group solidarity, each young person realizes its usefulness in the common goal.

We work with the pupils of Lycée and the students autonomy in the preparation of the building site, the management of the volumes in the space, the division of this space in geometric volume, the work with just flow, etc?

The integration projects set up with the social services of local authorities allow people looking for a job to receive training and enhance their work on a listed monument.

Heritage sites managed by the association