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Club Marpen

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Club Marpen
Le bourg
16140 Tusson

The Club Marpen aims to carry out rehabilitation actions and to highlight archaeological, architectural, ethnological and natural heritage. The association also wishes to be involved in the economic, tourist and cultural development of the Charente Poitevine, to promote the social integration of young people and adults, and to promote initiation and training in the heritage of the public. It also conducts partnerships with different countries: Ukraine, Spain, Algeria, Czech Republic, Hungary ...

Marpen offers heritage classes. The pupils learn to cut stone and discover the Charentais heritage in its different aspects: architectural, botanical, ethnological, culinary, know-how. Possibility of stays from 1 to 10 days.

Tusson heritage school site:
The objective of the school site is to respond permanently, individually and contractually to training requests from people involved in a professional project. Marpen welcomes an audience of 16-25 year-olds and adults as part of continuing education, thus engaged in a training cycle of twenty-four months or more. The school site prepares students for carpentry, carpentry, masonry and stone cutting; a fifth workshop concerns landscaping and historic gardens.