Les Amis du Mez

Les Amis du Mez

Tel : 06 01 94 94 23

Email : contact@amisdumez.org

Heritage site : www.amisdumez.org

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Les Amis du Mez
25 place Mirabeau
45210 Le Bignon-Mirabeau

The association "Les Amis du Mez" - ADM - is a non-profit association governed by the law of July 1, 1901. Its purpose is to promote a cultural action based on the archaeological and historical research of the castle of Mez-le - Marshal in Dordives (Loiret) and its environment, for the understanding of the site and the dissemination of knowledge in a spirit of popular education.

The mission of the programmed excavation authorization given by the Archaeological Service of the Center - Val-de-Loire region is to:
- search the archives for the historical context
- identify existing elevations;
- create a digital terrain model to understand the environment;
- make an inventory of the dormant stones found on the site or the surroundings;
- carry out field excavations,
in order to highlight the elements allowing a reasoned restoration which will be carried out by the owner;

To this end, it formed an archaeological research team in 2018.
It meets on average once a month. In addition, two projects are organized each year in July and November.
Participation in this research requires certain regularity.

A multi-skilled team works regularly on the discovery of the site and its history.

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