Association Cruzille Patrimoine

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Association Cruzille Patrimoine

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Association Cruzille Patrimoine
Monsieur Crémona
Président de Cruzille Patrimoine
Route de Fragnes
71260 Cruzille

"Cruzille Patrimoine", created in 2004, initially concentrated its efforts on the restoration of the 12 paintings of the Stations of the Cross in the village church.

It offers conferences with the collaboration of the Tournugeois Archaeological Research Group (FREE) as well as hikes on different themes in order to discover and share the history and local heritage.

It is after, and with the acquisition by the municipality of the "guinguette" of Sagy, that the restoration project was able to see the light of day. The association plans to restore the building and make it accessible to the public.

The "guinguette" is located near two GR and could serve as a stopover. The association plans to make it a place of exhibition on the resistance, Cruzille having been a high place of the Macon resistance during the Second World War. Incidentally, for the record, the people of Cruzille are very proud to have been, after the war and for a few days, the prefecture of Saône et Loire.