Career winch

The only industrial vestige of limestone extraction in Ile-de-France in the 19th century, it made it possible to climb, from the underground quarry located 35 m deep, stone blocks of 4 to 8 tonnes. It ceased its activity at the beginning of the 20th century.

Before 1850/1870 quarrymen used a wooden wheel, 6 to 12 meters in diameter, fitted with steps on which one or two men walked. This machine was used to lift blocks up to 2 tonnes. From 1850 appeared the first career winches at the riding school. The winch uprights are either wooden or masonry. The rope is wrapped around a wooden drum. It is a horse which, turning around an axis, drives the drum thanks to a gear system with angle transmission. He covered 4 kilometers in about 1h30 to go up a block.

Restoration work on the Auboin quarry winch began in 1983 with brush clearing and site cleaning. After an iconographic and technical study, the work began with the reconstruction of the two piles of the merry-go-rounds in 1986 and 1987, then woodwork in 1988. The mechanical parts were dismantled in 1989. The 2.5-ton drum was rebuilt and then put in place in 1990. The missing mechanical parts, transmission bars, bevel gear and roll bar of the carousel were installed in 1992. The year 1992 was marked by three important events: the registration of the Trillon de Chaillon winch in the Supplementary Inventory Historical Monuments (August 5, 1992), obtaining the Hauts-de-Seine Heritage Grand Prix and the inauguration with a horse driving the carousel on October 10.

The tools used by the quarrymen were found in the bottom of the pit after it was emptied in 1993. That same year, the Association received the first regional price and the first national price from the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques in the new heritage category.

The retaining wall of the well on the south side was rebuilt during summer worksites from 1999 to 2003. The work was awarded in 2004 with the trophy for young volunteers. The plaster masonry of two main piers was restored during summer works from 2004 to 2008

The current activities mainly concern the maintenance of the site and the organization of visits to schools, associations and group circuits of the Tourist Office of 92. Each year a horse drives the merry-go-round on Sunday of the European Heritage Weekend.

In order to perpetuate the last career winch in the southern suburbs of Paris, PICAR initiated the "Lutécia ©" project intended to create a Center for Interpretation and Animation of Heritage (CIAP) dedicated to quarries called "l? Espace of stone © ".


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Sauvegarde du patrimoine industriel des carrières (PICAR)

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