Fort Dugommier

Thanks to an association chaired by the artist Marc-André 2 Figuères and to the active support of the city of Collioure, Fort Dugommier, flagship of the military architecture of the Pyrénées-Orientales (66) registered in the Inventory of Historic Monuments, is the subject of an ambitious project aimed both at restoring its original appearance and at making it an avant-garde artistic center.

Fort Dugommier, whose construction was decided in 1840, started in 1844 and completed only in 1893, occupies a strategic ridge above the towns of Collioure and Port-Vendres.

Indeed, if today's visitors are in awe of the beauty of the panorama, the strategists of the 19th century remembered that, during the Franco-Spanish wars of the revolutionary era, this eminence had given the attackers a dominant position. on a neighboring structure, Fort Saint-Elme, repeatedly taken and taken back, to the great damage of the civilian populations of Collioure.

In fact, it was the important work undertaken at the port of Port-Vendres and the need to better defend this new site of commercial and military communications that were decisive in the decision to build the fort to which the name of the famous revolutionary general Dugommier was given.

Partly destroyed during the Second World War, the fort had since been abandoned and suffered regular disturbances.


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Association Fort Dugommier de Collioure

Association Fort Dugommier de Collioure
BP 68
66190 Collioure

Location : 66190 Collioure / Occitanie / France