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A growing number of our associations and some of our foreign partners are mobilizing to offer custom projects and thereby help make heritage accessible to all.

These custom projects are jointly built by the applicant, REMPART and the local association, following the ethics of the Movement.

The educational project of the stay can be based on living-together, arising heritage awareness, technical training, discovering of professions, taking part in an associative project …

The duration can vary from one weekend to two weeks and the rhythm of the stay can be adapted according to the public and the objectives.

Participants can come from Professional High Schools, youth services, homes, scouting, works councils, student offices …
The size of the group can range from 4-5 people to a good thirty, hardly more.

Usually, participants are accompanied by technical supervisors throughout the project. REMPART associations provide technical supervision. Some of them can also offer complementary activities: artistic workshops, guided tours, discovery of local heritage …