The fees

Registration and insurance fees: those fees are valid one year and cover a full season of workcamps (from June 1st to May 31st of the following year), no matter in how many workcamps you participate.

The standard registration and insurance fees are 40€.

A preferential rate of 30€ is offered to any volunteer who took part in a workcamp the previous year. A (compulsory) insurance is included in these fees. You’re covered by this insurance as soon as your registration is confirmed.

This insurance will cover anybody accident occurring on all activities of the workcamp (work, transportation, leisure activities). However, it does not apply to the home to workcamp trip.

The insurance will cover in the event of a personal accident, death, permanent disability, total or partial, temporary incapacity. Repatriation, search and rescue expenses may be guaranteed.
Beware: this insurance does not cover the « diseases » risks.

Foreign volunteers can, if they wish, subscribe to a supplementary «assistance/repatriation costs » insurance (25€).
Volunteers registered on sites outside France must be covered for personal liability, repatriation or premature return and for urgent and unpredictable medical care for a stay of up to 30 days. REMPART charges 25€ for this insurance MMA “assistance/repatriation costs”. If you already have a Mondiale assistance insurance, you must attach a proof to your registration.