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ERASMUS+ Heritage Leader’s training course in Calmont d’Olt


From the 5th to the 10th of October, REMPART organized an ERASMUS+ Heritage Leader’s training course in Château de Calmont d’Olt and online. This last action from our first ERASMUS+ Heritage Volunteers and Leaders project (2018-2020) was a European course aiming to train heritage actions’ leaders and project managers, coming from our member associations and our European partners. 


The training course focused on several topics such as: How to organize volunteering actions for heritage? What kind of legal framework and ethical questions should be taken into account? Why is the social environment of the project so important and how to involve locals? How to manage an intercultural group of volunteers on a heritage site? How to transfer skills? How to set up a risk-free and safe environment? How to implement a qualitative community life, especially through sustainable food supplies, local and organic, and well-designed meals? Why is the action’s visibility a central part of the project and how to promote your action before, during, and after it took place? Every topic had an international perspective, of course, and the training took place in English.


REMPART teams from the National Delegation and the Château de Calmont d’Olt put all their efforts to make a success out of this action, with all the sanitary restriction of the moment. Four international participants followed the theoretical presentations and the group projects online, but 17 participants, coming from 8 European countries, were on-site and could take part in masonry and stone-cutting workshops. Thanks to the ERASMUS+ funding, these training courses will take place every year until 2022, supported by a different REMPART association!


Beyond the success of the training course, its great atmosphere and beautiful environment, the fact that so many participants attended the meeting, proves that there was a need of gathering, of rallying with international partners despite the very special context. It has been an encouragement for all of us!


For more info: Fabrice Duffaud (, Marion Cloarec (