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Dates from 18/02/2024 to 02/03/2024Age > 18 years oldType of project Chantier de bénévoles
Langue(s) parlée(s) Français, Anglais, Spanish

Come participate in the restoration of a Spanish colonial house and discover Mexican folklore in Huaquechula! Built in the 18th century, the casa de la Palestina is remarkable for its architecture typical of Mexican houses from the colonial era and for the richness of its finishes. This project will allow you to discover the traditional know-how of ancestral terracotta paving, cob coatings and walls, in a city steeped in tradition.

Casa de la Palestina is a unique property in Huaquechula, in the state of Puebla. Built in the 18th century, it is located right next to the famous convent of San Martín de Tours, in the heart of Huaquechula, a typical small town in Mexico. It is distinguished by its composite arches and interior moldings. The mission aims to revitalize this historic building to return it to the cultural activities of the local population, with the prospect of the upcoming installation of the Huaquechula City Museum. In this way, we will contribute not only to the rescue of cultural heritage, but also to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of Huaquechula.

As a volunteer, you will participate in the work of registration, conservation and restoration of the front wing of the Casa de la Palestina, within the framework of the enhancement plan proposed in the continuity of the works carried out after the earthquake of 2017. As part of this agenda, we will restore the paving of the floors, very affected by the weather, earthquakes and some looting. A restoration will also be made for the adobe walls, with historical and traditional methods, safeguarding and putting into practice these skills.

Attention, worksite-travel!

We will invite you, once registered, to join us for a time of preparation for this project in Mexico. On this occasion, you will be able to receive more information on the living conditions in this country. Conditions and date of this meeting to come

Before filling out your registration form, check that you have a passport or ensure that your current passport is valid for 6 months after the date of the workcamp. When registering, attach a copy of the first page of your passport. If you do not have a passport and wish to have one issued to you, begin your procedures at least 10 weeks before your worksite.

A mobility grant paid by REMPART at the end of your worksite, on presentation of proof of transport, is provided for volunteers residing in France.

The city of Huaquechula is rich in folklore and cultural practices. Bring camera and recorder to preserve and enrich yourself on local traditions, customs and knowledge on which you can document yourself.

Your stay will be an opportunity to discover a rich heritage, whether built or intangible.


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 160€ / session (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

The accommodation costs are 3,000 Mexican pesos ( approximately €160, to be double-checked depending on the conversion ): include accommodation, food, leisure and certain administration costs. To be paid directly to the host association, in cash or by bank transfer.

Please note, volunteers registered on work sites outside France must be covered for personal civil liability, repatriation or premature return and urgent and unforeseeable medical care for a stay of maximum 30 days. REMPART charges this MMA insurance “assistance, repatriation costs” €25 (see guarantees) . If you already have Worldwide Assistance insurance, you must attach proof to your registration.

Registration and insurance fees must be paid to REMPART at the time of registration ( €40 ).

+ infos on the fees

Contact prior candidature

Last name : REMPART

Phone number : 0144541389

Email :

Website :

Location : 74370 / HUAQUECHULA / Mexique