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Dates from 07/04/2024 to 20/04/2024Age > 18 years oldType of project Formations

This course is intended for (future) facilitators, volunteers or association leaders as well as curious people of all kinds wishing to get involved in a heritage restoration project.

It focuses on supervision during construction times and the technical questions inherent in heritage restoration.

The training takes place at Montagu Castle, built by Jean de Montagu at the beginning of the 15th century. It was Admiral de Graville who gave all its glory to the castle at the end of the 15th century.
The lordship of Marcoussis was sold in the middle of the 18th century to the Countess of Esclignac.
Confiscated during the French Revolution, transformed into a farm, the castle was dismantled by the heirs of the Countess of Esclignac at the beginning of the 20th century. Only one tower is preserved: the tower of oubliettes.
Transformed into a garden, the ruins were covered with earth in the 20th century.
In 1970, the remains were cleared from the earth and since 1990, the Marcoussis historical association has maintained the castle and restored the counterscarps.

You will be introduced to heritage restoration techniques from both a technical and practical point of view. You will have the opportunity to address the concept of projects, questions relating to heritage legislation, the ethics of restoration and heritage stakeholders, the principles of stone construction, the principles of shoring and safety conditions. . The course has several trainers, including a stonemason and an old building mason. Several visits and interventions by heritage professionals (specialized companies, chief architect of historic monuments, representatives of the REMPART network, etc.) are also planned.

Complementary to the “Pedagogy and site organization” course, this training will allow you to deepen your knowledge of the organization and supervision of a volunteer site.

Interns will be housed on site, in a collective dormitory. In the spirit of volunteer camps, meal preparation and stewardship will be managed collectively.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

This site is accessible to people with disabilities. Before proceeding with pre-registration, be sure to contact the association to discuss reception conditions together.


Registration fees : to pay at REMPART at registration

Frais de séjour : 100€ / session (to pay at the camp leader upon arrival)

Accommodation costs: €100 (accommodation and meals included) for individual registrations and free for trainees recommended by a member association of the REMPART network (these costs do not take into account transport to the site) .

+ infos on the fees

Contact prior candidature

Last name : Groupement REMPART Ile-de-France Lucile MICHEL-CIAPPONI

Phone number : 06 80 33 57 27

Email :

Website :

Location : 91460 / Marcoussis / Ile-de-France / France