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You’re torn between spending your summer restoring heritage or on stage?

Go to the Château des Deux Tours!


Located in Neuville-sur-Essonne (south of Paris), the site is the place of creation and performance of a theatre troupe, the Minuits. It includes a farmhouse serving as a performance hall, a barn, as well as a contemporary garden, the “Grand Jardin” and the ruins of an ancient castle from the 13th and 15th centuries, the Château des Deux Tours. 
This year, the participant fees are offered by REMPART if you are an international volunteer and you will only have to pay 40€ (registration fees) for 2 weeks!
This site is definitely special! Since 2016, the association and its volunteers are focusing on the restoration of the southern curtain wall of the castle. The objective of this year’s action camps is to finish restoring this wall. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about traditional masonry techniques, to cut stones and why not, to become a trowel pro! 
The association also invites you to several evenings during the week to discover artistic creation through a theatre writing workshop led by young authors or an initiation to the theatre by the troupe (the program varies depending on the session). Your achievements will be presented at public events, and in particular during the big summer event: Midnight at the castle.
There are 2 sessions organised this summer, from 05/07/2020 to 18/07/2020 and from the from 19/07/2020 to 01/08/2020
Send us an email to if you are interested!