Les Vieilles pierres à Semur en Brionnais

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Les Vieilles pierres à Semur en Brionnais

Tel : 03 85 25 13 57

Fax : 03 85 25 29 11

Email : chateau.semur@rempart.com

Heritage site : www.semur-en-brionnais-vp.fr

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Les Vieilles pierres à Semur en Brionnais
Président de l'association Les vieilles pierres
Les Moines Blancs
71110 Semur-en-Brionnais

Created in October 1971, the association Les Vieilles Pierres aims to enhance and safeguard the architectural heritage of Semur-en-Brionnais and more particularly the Saint Hugues fortified castle. Restoration work on the castle began in 1968, so that the monument was opened to the public in 1970 and registered in the Additional Inventory of Historic Monuments in 1971. That same year, the association won the 14th National Prize for Young Volunteers' Sites of the Caisse des Monuments Historiques. The association also leads, in conjunction with Rempart Bourgogne, sites of young volunteers for the restoration of the murals of the Romanesque church of Saint-Martin-La-Vallée and ensures the influence of the village of Semur by proposing a program of cultural events each tourist season. Today, the association Les Vieilles Pierres is a member of REMPART. It participates each summer in the departmental animation project of tourism "Aventure Mômes". It has also largely contributed to placing Semur among the Most Beautiful Villages of France and within the Federation of Cluniac Sites, labeled Grand Cultural Route of Europe

The aim of the visits and educational workshops is to offer young audiences - schools and leisure centers - a fun, concrete and diverse approach to medieval history, based on the monuments of Semur.

The integration site constitutes the first phase of the restoration and rehabilitation project of Château Saint-Hugues. It offers its participants training in building restoration (structural work, masonry, roofing, etc.) and tourist development.