Mémoire du Comté de Grignols

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Mémoire du Comté de Grignols

Tel : 05 53 03 73 53

Email : antoine.grassian@wanadoo.fr

Heritage site : www.grignols-patrimoine.com

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Mailing address :

Président de Mémoire du Comté de Grignols
La Jembertie
24110 Grignols

The association “Mémoire du Comté de Grignols” was born on March 8, 2011, from the merger of two associations: “The Friends of the Church of Grignols” (created in 1996) & “Grignols Patrimoine” (created in 2006). These two associations having, under the same presidency of their founder, Antoine Grassian, the same philosophy of cultural animation and the safeguard of the historical heritage. The actions of Memory of the County of Grignols extending to the geography of the historic County of Grignols.

Diversified actions of "Memory of the County of Grignols":

1 - Cultural actions

Organization of the “HisTouArts Festival”.,

Organization of "Grignols County Meetings",

Organization of historical events.

2 - Historical studies

3 - Archaeological studies

research of the entrance threshold of the castle via the barbican,

study of the Bourg Castral de Grignols.

4 - Heritage restoration

Restoration of the Maison du Patrimoine Talleyrand Périgord

Restoration of St. Front de Bruc church

Restoration of the stained glass windows of the St Firmin de Jaure church

Restoration work on the walls of Bourg Castral

Small architectural heritage restoration project, with the Community of Commune

5 - Restoration work through social inclusion

6 - Tourism promotion

7 - Historical Magazine Edition on Grignols County: "HisTouArts Magazine"

Heritage sites managed by the association