Pierres en marche

Pierres en marche

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Pierres en marche
Lieu dit Savaud
23600 Toulx-Sainte-Croix

The association Pierres en Marche created on November 3, 2009 aims to organize, carry out actions on sites of interest, natural or built, with a view to rehabilitation and re-appropriation by the population of a remarkable local heritage. . To do this, it wishes to set up volunteer work sites within the framework of the Union REMPART, organize activities intended to raise awareness among different audiences, disseminate information? This approach is based on the promotion, experimentation and promotion of techniques for the protection and construction of local traditional heritage.

We are currently rehabilitating the site known as "winter washhouse", in order to use it as a support to promote construction in dry stones, fauna, flora and water management. We want to restore the site to the municipality by integrating it into two adjacent short hiking paths. Its use will be defined with the population and local decision-makers. (A place: of memory, educational, picnic, rest?). The association will soon launch a participatory inventory campaign of dry stone constructions in the market town of Toulx-Ste-Croix (Know to save better).

In the future, we want to set up a "house of life" project in the center of Toulx-Sainte-Croix: restore a building with the aim of making it a place for meetings, exchanges and involving the population , local actors as much as possible in the project in order to define needs and desires. The restoration of the building will allow us to highlight the local traditional construction techniques, to make an example of restoration respectful of the local architecture. There is no shortage of tasks, beautiful projects are ahead of us.

Theme walk : A biannual meeting in summer and winter, a breath of fresh air and awareness of the built and natural heritage during a discovery hike.

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