Renaissance du château Portes

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Renaissance du château Portes

Tel : 04 66 54 92 05

Tel : 04 66 54 92 05

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Renaissance du château Portes
3 rue de la mairie
30530 Portes

The association for the safeguarding of the castle was created in 1972 by the inhabitants of the village decided not to witness helplessly the collapse of a monument witnessing the past influence of their region.
The association first united around the renovation of the castle quickly raised the question of its reuse. Restoration projects are always a priority, but the association also intends to be active in setting up historical monuments and technical training courses, improving the visit circuit, setting up exhibitions for schoolchildren, festivals, the development of the lodge in order to accommodate heritage classes, the creation and maintenance of jobs.
The association is now open to the outside world with the reception of CNRS Grenoble, which has installed equipment intended to study rainfall in the Cévennes.

Various exhibitions intended for school children in the department are organized at the castle during the year; classes from the canton's primary schools come to visit the castle.
Technical training courses in stone cutting, forging and carpentry are organized at the castle.

Various integration projects take place in collaboration with AFPA, the Léo Lagrange association, Amitiés Tziganes, Tédak.

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