Le Renouveau de Saint Hippolyte

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Le Renouveau de Saint Hippolyte

Email : renouveau.saint-hippolyte@orange.fr

Heritage site : www.saint-hippolyte-71.org/

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Le Renouveau de Saint Hippolyte
Président du Renouveau de Saint Hippolyte
La Cré
71460 Joncy

The association Le Renouveau de Saint Hippolyte, founded in October 2003, aims to contribute to the safeguard of the Saint Hippolyte church, to ensure the promotion of the site and to gather around this project the inhabitants of the town and all those interested. . It has about fifty members. The church of the former Cluniac deanery of Saint Hippolyte is a Romanesque church from the end of the 11th century with a 4-bay nave flanked by side aisles, barely protruding transept, semicircular apse-apse, semicircular apse and fortified bell tower included in rectangular masonry. The church, owned by the municipality, is half-ruined, the nave having already collapsed in the 15th century. Under the control of the CRMH, the project concerns the consolidation of the ruined church, classified as a historical monument, and not its reconstruction. The association wishes to make the building a place to visit and, as part of the promotion of the site, communicate on the Cluniac deaneries of the Guye valley, in connection with studies carried out by the University in this area again. ignored that is the notion of deanery in the organization and the network of the Cluniac domains.