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Termes en Termenès

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Termes en Termenès
Hôtel de Ville
11130 Termes

The Association for the Protection of the Château de Termes, "Termes en Termenès" (ASCT), created by the inhabitants of the village, has been working since 1988 to enhance the Château de Termes, site of the "Pays Cathare" program. The castle of Termes remained famous for the long siege it suffered at the time of the Albigensian Crusade by Simon de Montfort in 1210. Subsequently, it was rebuilt to defend the border against the kingdom of Aragon and will be known as one of the 5 sons of Carcassonne.

The Château de Termes is open to visitors and has signage allowing visitors with the help of a map guide to discover the main parts of the monument. However, the castle was dismantled in the 17th century and the state of conservation of the remains makes it a monument difficult for the general public to understand. In the perspective of better development and in order to provide fundamental elements for the development and knowledge of the site, the Town Hall of Termes, owner of the monument, is developing an archaeological research and site development program. The conservation association works jointly with the town hall to make the site legible. Supervised by an archaeologist and a specialized mason, the volunteers will be entrusted with various tasks such as archaeological excavations, small masonry, treatment of the vegetation, development of the site and the paths as well as a punctual participation in the archaeological excavation.

An archaeological team will be present during the work. The site is open to visitors and cultural activities and events are carried out regularly (conferences, guided tours). Production of a historical documentary on the seat of the Château de Termes in 1210.

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