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Union régionale REMPART ALPC

Tel : 05 56 25 87 57

Email : ur.alpc@rempart.com

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Mailing address :

Union régionale REMPART ALPC
Union Régionale REMPART ALPC
Maison Labat
7 rue Eugène Faivre
33730 Villandraut

The REMPART ALPC Regional Union was created in May 2016 before the creation of the name of the large New Aquitaine region. It brings together around ten active associations, or nearly 800 members. Most of the member associations organize international volunteer camps and all of them manage a remarkable heritage site.

Born from the desire to create a forum for exchanges and discussions with the administrative and institutional partners of New Aquitaine, UR REMPART ALPC also has the desire to carry out a mutual aid and coherence project between the member associations, to support the emergence of new worksite projects and to allow the pooling of resources.