Amis du château royal d'Etampes (les)

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Amis du château royal d'Etampes (les)

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Amis du château royal d'Etampes (les)
9 boulevard Montfaucon
91150 Etampes

Founded in 1995, the ACRE association has set itself the objective of restoring, enhancing and animating the Guinette tower in Etampes, the only vestige of the royal castle built around 1130/1150. Its quadrilobed shape makes it unique in France. To do this, ACRE organizes guided tours, exhibitions, medieval events and conferences? On this site overlooking the entire city of Etampes, ACRE strives to restore all the magnificence to this royal site. During Heritage Days, medieval activities and guided tours of a vaulted room located below the Tower are offered by ACRE.

In order to make the site accessible to all, to ensure its protection and maintenance, ACRE has organized restoration worksites and technical courses since 1995. Archaeological surveys have found some objects and the foundations of the Saint-Laurent chapel. The goal is to restore the four lobes and affix a cover to protect the building from bad weather and birds. To make it accessible, a reflection is carried out on the restoration of certain elements of the dungeon such as the well, the staircase included in the masonry in particular.