Amis du Vieux château de Moulins-Engilbert (les)

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Amis du Vieux château de Moulins-Engilbert (les)

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Amis du Vieux château de Moulins-Engilbert (les)
Mme Robert
Présidente des Amis du vieux château
9 rue des champs des claies
58370 Onlay

The association "les amis du vieux château", created in September 2006, aims to save, enhance and animate the site.
Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, the old feudal castle of Moulins-Engilbert (Nièvre) dominates the heart of the old town between two rivers which formed its ditches. Owned by the Count of Nevers in 1225, the castle partially burned down in a fire in 1525 which made him fall into a deep sleep.
From 1910 to 2006 it will belong to the neighboring town of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. In 1993, which became a public garden, it was nevertheless listed in the additional inventory of historic monuments.
On a space of about half a hectare, the ruins of the castle still include the entrance with two stone bastions containing two small rooms, the ramparts with their towers, renovated in the East but degraded in the West, a large house wall with mullioned windows under which there is a large semi-underground room.

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